Why is my mobile app so much bigger after I use Blue Cedar app enhancement?

Why is my mobile app so much bigger after I use Blue Cedar app enhancement?

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Hi Suresh,
After integration of our security code you will see an increase in the app file size. This increase however can vary in size significantly dependent on what platform the app is for (iOS or Android) and also what CPU architectures you app is designed to support.

For example integrated Android apps will increase in size more significantly that iOS apps, you may also see Android apps take longer to complete integration that iOS apps. This is due to the fact that Android apps need to support many many more hardware manufactures with numerous device models, as well as longer OS version support. iOS has a much smaller landscape for OS version and Device Support.

Additionally with Android you can choose what architectures you wish to support (x86, x86_64, armeabi-v7a & arm64-v8a). Blue Cedar needs to add support code for each architecture which can greatly increase the overall final app size. More Info: Support 64-bit architectures  |  Android Developers

To reduce your integrated Android app file size we recommend building your app to support only the CPU architectures you really need. For example x86 and x86-64 are primarily to support intel processors and simulators. If you do not intend to run your app on an intel based device or simulator then you can safely omit these architecture libraries from your Android app.