My app quits out when it starts, what do I do?

My app quits out when it starts, what do I do?

An app may quit for numerous reasons. It could be an incompatibility with an OS version, an issue between the app itself and the SDK you chose to integrate it with or an issue with the Blue Cedar runtime trying to execute within the app, etc. There are a lot of reasons why an app will quit. The first thing to do is determine if the app runs fine on your device prior to any modification by Blue Cedar. If the app runs it could be an issue with the SDK you are integrating. For example, Intune, BlackBerry Dynamics and Blue Cedar all have restrictions on how old of an OS they will support. Ensure your device is running the latest OS updates and try again. If the app still doesn’t work you can try extracting a device log from your iOS or Android device and submit the device log and the information to Blue Cedar Support.

How to gather device logs



Email the logs to Blue Cedar Support:
Please provide your Company name, what app and version of the app you are experiencing the issue with.

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