In terminal we are getting error

Last login: Thu Feb 8 12:26:21 on ttys001
harshavardhan@Kosarajus-MacBook-Pro 2813760190248 (1)-bundle 2 sh INFO(zip_utils) - uncompressed_entries len: 1545 ERROR(codesign) - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cryptography' harshavardhan@Kosarajus-MacBook-Pro 2813760190248 (1)-bundle 2

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Good Morning.
When using certain policies we will invoke different python libraries when signing. in this case the cryptography lib is needed. We are adding a change to offer a better explanation in the terminal output to clearly articulate what needs to be fixed.

To resolve this signing issue please run the following command in your terminal window.

pip3 install cryptography

That will install the missing library

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