After I install my iOS app I see an warning that says "Untrusted Developer"

After I install my iOS app I see an warning that says “Untrusted Developer”

If you are signing an iOS application and installing onto you device on a method outside of a normal installation process like a public app store you will need to manually trust the certificate used to sign the application.

Before iOS 9 will run any app that was not installed through the Apple App Store, it requires users to confirm that they trust the source the “Enterprise Developer" of the app. As a best practice you should sign all of your apps secured by Blue Cedar using the same enterprise distribution certificate. Things will still work when apps are signed with different certificates, but it adds extra steps for the end users since they will need to trust multiple Enterprise Developers.

Before a user first opens an app that was signed with your enterprise distribution certificate, they need to go to Settings > General > Profile > Select your distribution profile and trust it.

Once the certificate that used to sign the app is trusted the app should launch fine.

Blue Cedar Customer Success